Accommodation business coaching workshop and holiday

Brand new workshop for new or existing small accommodation providers:

Run a successful accommodation business in Australia:

Introductory offer available right now! business coaching

  • Free one on one coaching *
  • Free notes and worksheets (over 100 pages)*
  • Luxury holiday at Villa della Rosa

*conditions apply

This is a very hands-on workshop, running over a 4 or 6 day period and covering all aspects of running a Bed and Breakfast, Cottages or a small hotel/motel.

You will be provided with in depth information on all the important bits to consider before throwing it all in and joining the myriad of people enjoying life in some of the most beautiful places in Australia.

Tutoring is on a 1 on 1 basis, your partner can join in of course. Topics covered include everything from marketing, maintenance, safety, cooking etc, to personal traits, sales techniques and choosing the right business. Tutoring can be tailored to your needs, ie if you are a wiz in the kitchen, anything to do with how to make a knock out breakfast is probably not that interesting to you, so more time can be spend on how to design an effective website, what channel manger to use and what online booking sites to sign up with.

Nori My background: I started my business life as a lab rat – working at the Research School for Biological Sciences at the Australian University in Canberra. After a severe bout of arthritis I changed careers and helped my husband run 2 large retail stores for 10 years. My main focus during that time was accounting, purchasing and staff training. We both found the stress was getting to us, so we decided to opt out of city life and go for a tree change. Running a B&B sounded like the perfect way to end our business life and ease into retirement, so here we are.

One of the many perks of running a small accommodation business is, that most guest related activities like making breakfast and cleaning rooms always happen in the morning – leaving you with spare time in the afternoon and evening.

So hubby decided to start a marketing business from home and I am doing this:

Coaching new or existing accommodation hosts to make their life easier

 You can combine the workshops with a nice holiday on Tamborine Mountain – might even be tax deductible!

 The workshop is divided into 11 modules, with the following topics covered:

Introduction: Explores the reasons why you want to be in this industry and the lifestyle associated with it.

accommodation business coaching Market Considerations:  Looks at Identifying Markets and Trends, Market Attraction, Niche Markets, Restrictions, Type of Venture and your Target Market

Property Considerations: Are you planning to convert, buy or Lease an existing property?   What preparations are needed, your style, your office, renovations and local Government Approvals needed.

Business Fundamentals:  Looks at setting up the Business, your exit Strategies, restrictions, licences and permits, insurance, trading name etc.

Management Principles:  Explores your skills, economic influences,  creating your mission statement and setting business goals.

Accommodation business coachingMarketing:   Your marketing mix, Website design, SEO, social media, print, networking, star rating and newsletters.

Operations & Food: Looks at process Development, guest procedures, schedules, staff and food handling.

Customer Relationship Management: Avoiding Disappointment and building Relationships and how to deal with difficult guests.

Business coaching workshopFeasibility Study: Learn to develop your own SWOT and financial analysis and compare your competition.

Business Health-Check:  Develop your own business plan, check on financial and accommodation industry factors and develop your inventory list

Operations Manual:  Practical help in putting together your operations manual

Business coaching

accommodation business workshopThe basics of a lot of the modules apply to all small businesses, so even if you end up deciding not to run your own hosted accommodation, you will still learn a lot of valuable lessons.

By now you are probably wondering how much all this “wisdom” will cost you.  Similar online workshops, without ‘hands on’ 1 on 1 coaching sell for $1000 right now!  But the good news is, as an introductory offer you get twice daily coaching sessions for free and you only pay for your stay at our beautiful Villa della Rosa B&B!


Workshop packages

business coachingOption 1:

6 nights accommodation (Sunday to Friday), breakfast and 2 course dinners for one person $ 1194 (or $1374 for 2 people to cover additional food cost). You can spend the middle of the day exploring the area and thinking up questions to ask during the evening session. If you like you can also watch or lend a hand while I do some of the routine jobs.

Workshop package dealOption 2:

We also offer a midweek session for 4 days from Monday to Thursday for $770 for 1 person or $900 for 2 people, again breakfasts and dinners included and free time during the day. Depending on your business experience, we might not be able to adequately cover all the topics in 4 days, so please let me know which areas you are most interested in and I will tailor your coaching sessions accordingly.

Because this workshop is very much a hands on affair, it is important that you bring along your laptop or tablet, as a lot of the marketing part of the coaching is based on-line. Don’t worry if you are computer illiterate, there are a lot of programs that will make your life easy. During the coaching sessions I can do a lot of the more difficult set up procedures for you, so all you are left to do is some minor tweaking. If you are already a confident internet and computer user that’s great, as there are lots of things you can do to market your business at no cost (except your time of course).  If you already have a property, make sure you have some nice pictures of it on your computer, so we can use them for online marketing.

Workshop MaterialOption 3:

If you are living too far away to come and stay with us or just can’t get away from your current job, you can also get the full notes and worksheets to this workshop send as either an e-copy or via mail as a hard copy (over 100 A4 pages) as an introductory offer for only $299! This also includes 3x 1 hour phone support sessions, where you can ask specific questions, relating to your circumstances and online help with your social media marketing (ie, setting up your facebook business page or running a health check on your website). Even though this might look like a good alternative to staying with us, this option will not give you the thorough understanding of the accommodation business in Australia that you will need, plus it is way more enjoyable to combine your training with a holiday!

So try to take some time off and let us spoil you while teaching you some great new skills and helping you decide on your future.

And did I mention Tamborine Mountain is a beautiful part of the world? If you like nature, good local food, wines, beers or the distilled stuff, you will love it up here!

For more information on Tamborine Mountain, check my husband’s website:


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