AAA Tourism 4½ Star Rating

AAA Tourism – Australian Accommodation STAR Rating Scheme

Australian Accommodation STAR Ratings are owned and administered by AAA Tourism. Assessors visit accommodation properties about once a year and rate each property with the help of a (very long!) list of items to be checked. Each accommodation type (B&B, Cottages, hotels etc.) has their own set of criteria, tailored to each type of accommodation. Don’t be fooled by ‘self rated’ properties. Self rated means exactly that – the owner decides what rating they would like or perceive to be right, but no independent assessment is being conducted, so the rating is usually heavily biased.

Villa della Rosa B&B now has Green Star Accreditation.

green star eco rating. Enjoy superior comfort and luxury and be assured to have minimal environmental impact while you get pampered! To be awarded a Green STAR a property must achieve adequate points against a set of practical environmental criteria including energy efficiency, waste minimisation and water management. The standards for Green STAR accreditation have been developed by AAA Tourism in partnership with Green Globe. Green Globe is managed by EC3 Global, a subsidiary of the Sustainable Tourism Cooperative Research Centre. Villa della Rosa B&B is committed to reducing the environmental impact of your accommodation and for you to enjoy guilt free luxury. We recently installed solar energy, we use gas for hot water and cooking and we use energy efficient appliances. Our back yard is all ‘edible’, with a large variety of exotic fruits and of course our own chicken coop, so you can enjoy fresh free range eggs every morning. We also try to reduce our food miles as much as possible by purchasing from local producers – your coffee for example comes from the Tamborine Mountain Coffee Plantation, a boutique coffee, all grown and processed organically in Mount Tamborine and your fresh farm gate milk is from the local diary Scenic Rim 4Real Milk. Villa della Rosa B&B is one of only 3 B&B’s on Mount Tamborine with an official 4.5 STAR rating (and there are no officially rated 5 STAR B&B’s on Mount Tamborine!), so you can be assured you are getting the best Mount Tamborine has to offer. Download the Handy Guide to assist you next time you travel:

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Green solar energy on Mt TamborineOrganic Mandarin Tree at Villa della RosaOrganic free range chicken

Bed and Breakfast accommodation on Tamborine Mountain in the Gold Coast Hinterland